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This website is no longer used. Why not make use of it!
Welcome To Our Website!
Its not everyday you get the chance to own your own website. We no longer use this site so if you would like to buy the domain name and make more use of it, please use the 'Contact Us' link at the top right to email us.

So why have your own Domain Name?

1) It increases your name recognition and allows your friends, family or customers to remember more easily how to find you and your site. It's a lot easier to remember than it is to remember

2) It gives you a more serious and professional "appearance" on the Net.

3) It helps brand your image and adds a level of trust and integrity to your site. You don't want to be the lawyer at the city club with an e-mail address like when everybody's passing out their business cards!

4) It helps people find you through search engines. Sites like Yahoo! and Google have taken on immense importance, and getting your site in users' search results is key to establishing new relationships with them.

5) Nobody else will get the name that you own.

6) E-mail addresses hosted on your domain name will not change, even if you switch ISPs or temporarily lose your access during a move, for example.
"Since owning my own domain name and setting up email, my confidence in the way I sell things and the confidence of my customers in the way we communicate has grown."
Domain names allow you to have your store front in the Global Mall. You become a global seller immediately at a relatively small cost!
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